Juana Molina!

I’ve got a few big entries in the works, but until they’re done, here’s some music by a beautiful Argentinean singer, Juana Molina. Her music is like a big warm South American hug. Her looped, acoustic, one woman masterpieces are pretty much all I listen to these days.

Anyone who hears a loud elevator and feels the urge to sing has my instant affections! I once had a similar reaction to the harmonic whir of refrigerators in an airport Sbarros, but there were too many people around for me to act on it. Damn inhibitions.

Another good profile, and how I first heard about her, is on this Radiolab episode. Radiolab is a radio show that deserves it’s own entry on a future date, but for now here’s the link. Worthwhile to check out if only for Jad’s remix of Un Dia at the end.

Some of her albums:

Son (my favorite)


Un día


One Response to “Juana Molina!”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Yo, Emily! im taking this music.. ive heard you play juana molina in the car and i like it. so im taking it 🙂 muchas gracias!

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