Hipster Art Formula

anthropomorphism + unnecessarily bright and/or unnatural colors + randomly dispersed meticulous detail + creatures oozing things that they should not be oozing= the ultimate formula for ensuring a hipster’s artistic delight.

Here’s some stuff I like that comes pretty damn close to that ideal. Click on the pictures for links to the artist’s sites



This British guy’s art is actually based on a comic book, which you’ll see if you click on the site. He also sells sweet shirts and posters which I one day hope to buy.

Matt Furie


The model for my above formula

Megan Whitmarsh

whitmarshCheck out her site for embroidered ghettoblasting yetis. There’s no going wrong with that kind of absurd juxtoposition. It’s just intrinsically tight.


One Response to “Hipster Art Formula”

  1. Max Baroi Says:

    I met Megan Whitmore at one of her shows in Hollywood through a friend of hers. She’s really nice, and her work is really cool. The embroidery gives everything an interesting texture.

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