Count Bass D and Clutchy Hopkins

Count Bass D


Nashville raised rapper Dwight Spitz’s super cool and jazzy (if the name didn’t tip you off) tunes. Having worked with guys like MF Doom (hear him on the MM…Food song Potholderz) I don’t know why he’s not better known, but I’ll  gladly take the early discovery credit while I can.

Clutchy Hopkins

ur244_72__63996Orgasmic instrumental grooves. Clutchy Hopkins has this whole shroud of enigma around him, which works well because the music is so ethereal that having anything solid and human to connect it to might threaten to ruin the magic. Like Boards of Canada, who almost never tour, and who didn’t even reveal that they were brothers until about 10 years into their famed career in ambient electronica.

By the way I’m stealing these links. That’s probably not ok, but while my readership is still in the finger counting arena, I’m willing to risk it. So enjoy.


One Response to “Count Bass D and Clutchy Hopkins”

  1. Beau Says:

    Dude! Clutchy hopkins kicks ass.

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