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I try to make everyone’s day a little more surreal

July 6, 2009
Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Hey, I’m in Atlanta and haven’t had much time to write, but the rapid decline of my view counts following my facebook status announcement makes me feel bad that I’m doing nothing to encourage the few stragglers still bothering to stop by. The visit stats are pretty interesting – post status publicity brought me from 0 to ¬†52…which then went down to 12 the next day…then¬†2, where it has since been disconcertingly hovering. I’m attributing the drop to short attention spans rather than the shittiness of my writing. I know I always stalk the blogs of my acquaintances with utmost focus and persistence. I’m always part of that 1 or 2 member readership. So don’t feel self conscious if you’re reading this.

As for the Calvin and Hobbes, my former study hall bffs were always going on about it. Though I had previously taken that conversation topic as a signal that it was time to contort my neck uncomfortably and take a pseudo-nap on my forearms, I looked it up the other day, and it’s pretty awesome.


Hey baby, you into leavening?

June 29, 2009
Yeast Love

Yeast Love

Apparently yeast has sex? Apparently yeast is living? Am I the only one who previously only thought of yeast in two terms:

1. infection. ew.

2. that ingredient that Moses decided to make bread without, creating the miracle of matzah

But other than that, this picture of yeast getting it on has my vote for best cartoon erotica of all time. Yeah, even better than you creepy sailor moon anime porn. A yeast porno better be in the works.

The article of course is fascinating too, but I don’t currently have the energy to tackle the kinds of issues it raises. Like the ambiguity sexual reproduction in certain species (like yeast) and how it challenges the definition of sexual reproduction in the first place. And why do beings have sex at all when it makes more survivalist sense just to asexually clone, like hydras and sponges and that one kimodo dragon (seriously, look it up).